18 Of The Best Forex Trading Help For Beginners Tips (For 2021)

Forex Trading Help For Beginners

Are you struggling to make successful trades and taking loss after loss, and looking for the best Forex trading help for beginners. If so, then you’re in the right place!

What makes a beginner trader consistent?

The best Forex trading help for beginners starts with smart money management, and controlling of your emotions with trading. It’s also using the right strategy with your day to day activities and personality.

I’m also going to show you what it takes to become a successful trader. And how you can make these small changes within your day-to-day routines of trading to turn everything around and become successful.

If you are totally new to trading, you would benefit from going through my basics of Forex trading by clicking here.

What Is The Best Forex Trading Help For Beginners To Becoming Successful?

  • So what does it take to become successful in Forex trading?
  • What are the first things as a Forex Trader you will need to master?

For myself one of the first things I had to master before I became successful with trading, was to control my emotions.

Until you have total control of your emotions when trading the markets you’re not going to become profitable.

Reasons why;

  • you may over-trade the markets
  • it can stop you from taking another trade if you take a loss
  • emotions can also control your greed and fear within the market
  • or you just don’t have the correct Forex trading education to know how to control your emotions in Trading

Now, you are here today because you need the best Forex trading help for beginners with your trading, and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post.

There are many tips for the best Forex trading help for beginners. But what most traders want help with in their trading is to make money. Forex trading is going to be the most hardest endeavour you’ve probably ever faced.

That all comes down to your emotions in trading, you’re ability to trade successfully. Also your knowledge on the best Forex trading strategy to use in the markets.

So, in today’s article I will show you how to control your emotions in trading. Also the importance of money management and a further 15 tips on the best Forex trading help for beginners and if you keep reading to the end you’ll also get my strategy you could use to become successful.

I already mentioned above about controlling your emotions with trading and how it can cause you to over trade the markets.

I have a great article for you to read, with how you can stop yourself over trading and what you need to change to become successful.

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1. Money management

The first step is going to be controlling your money management when it comes to trading the markets it’s all about risk assessment.

If you do not have the risk under control when taking trades, it is going to be the number one factor what can blow your account.

I remember when I first started trading, I did not take into account money management and that is what blew my account time and time again. Without proper control of your risk management when taking a trade you can easily blow your account.

One of the top best Forex trading help for beginners tips is using money management, where you are only ever going to risk 1-2% maximum on each and every trade you are going to take.

By doing this you’ll never put your whole account at risk. There are many traders out there, who will be trading with a 5,10 15% risk on each trade they take.

With Forex trading, using such high percentage risk is just trading suicide!

Other times you might risk such high percentages, is after taking a few losses in a row. This type of risk can also come down to revenge trading.

Revenge trading all comes from your emotions after a losing trade. With the feeling you need to make the money back the markets took!

Let’s look at an example…

You have a £10,000 account you are trading with.

You’re only going to want to risk a maximum of 2% of that account. Which means the most YOU LOSE is going to be £200 on a single trade.

When it comes to your profit taking, you’ll be looking for at least a 2,3- 1 making sure you’re always wining more than you could potentially lose.

Again this comes into money management, where you are going to want to be making more profit than you could potentially lose.

Therefore building your account slowly and becoming a profitable and consistent trader. To assist with your trading, it is best to also use a solid Forex trading plan.

To learn how to make a Forex trading plan, you can read through my step by step process for making your own plan by clicking here.

2. Select the Right Broker

The second tip with the best Forex trading help for beginners has little to do with trading itself, yet is however a critical beginning factor. Make sure the broker you pick is credible, enhances your trading design as well as, most significantly, is authorized with a permit.

using fractals in Forex trading

3. Develop a Method

What do you desire to attain from trading? Having a clear objective will certainly do marvels for your trading technique. Create a plan with each step you will take with creating a strategy.

If this is something you have absolutely no idea with where to start, then take a look at my post with actually solving this problem with my 11 step process on how to create a Forex trading strategy by clicking here.

4. Beginning Slowly

Trading is no various. Do not be lured right into leaping directly in with large cash trades, however instead start with little financial investments and also take your time.

Be individual and also take your time due to the fact that instantaneous success in trading does not exist.

how much money can you make trading forex

5. Maintain Your Feelings Controlled

It is vital to maintain your feelings in check when trading, specifically your degrees of stress and anxiety. Make certain you have a clear head and also are making notified, logical and also unemotional choices.

Like I mentioned above, with another one of the top best Forex trading help for beginners tips keeping your trading emotions in tack, will help to turn your trading around and start to become a consistent and profitable Forex trader.

6. Methodology

No checklist of trading ideas or techniques would certainly be total without this one. Proceeded trading method is the only method to accomplish those leading outcomes on a regular basis.


7. Analyse Whatever

One more of our best Forex trading help for beginners tips, is to adhere to maintain an evaluation of your trading task in a journal.

Do not simply evaluate the trades and also the patterns themselves, however likewise the reasoning, presumptions as well as info behind your choices to make those trades.

  • Why did I make that trade?
  • what was your thoughts before, during and after that trade?

Those are just a couple of questions you should ask yourself each time you take a trade.

8. Be Realistic

There is no foreign exchange trading method or trick that will certainly make sure consistent success. It is vital that you approve there is a danger of failing included with every trade you make.

9. Inform Yourself!

No issue just how knowledgeable you are, with foreign exchange trading there is constantly a brand-new lesson to be found out every day. Maintain analysis and also enlightening on your own on whatever relevant to Foreign exchange trading.

Researching does take some time as well as initiative, however your trading will certainly profit significantly.

For beginners, Norfolk FX Trader supplies the chance for investors to take advantage of my totally free education and learning throughout this website, that supplies a large range of write-ups and also tutorials total with ideas, techniques, approaches as well as even more, to provide you a benefit in all type of trading.

Take breaks

10. Take Breaks

A crucial idea to comply with day-to-day is keeping in mind to take some time away from your computer system. This is specifically vital when you are included in a long, requiring trading session.

Evaluating several information streams throughout different computer system home windows will certainly no question make you really feel stressful on celebrations.

11. Patterns Benefit You

One specifically crucial Foreign exchange market pointer to adhere to is to find out about trends, just how to find them and also exactly how to utilise them to your benefit.

I do not suggest following suit each time you detect a pattern, yet entirely overlooking them is a dish for calamity. Identifying patterns allows you trade pro-actively, as opposed to merely responding to occasions after they take place.

12. Select The Very Best Trading Conditions For Beginners

It is very important to select the most effective feasible solution and also obtain good spreads. So it is important to find the very best broker that can offer you these settings.

Do your research and find the best solution for you to work wit, not only the broker located to you, but also a broker that offers the correct legal local authority settings to protect you and your money.

no guidelines

13. Plan Ahead Of Time

Thoroughly determine your Foreign exchange trades prior to you making them. Do not make professions without creating a tactical strategy, this will enable you to find the best looking entries so not to end up with losing trades.

14. Usage Of The Best Charting Platform

When trading on several markets at the very same time, it is essential to be able to swiftly soak up the info you are evaluating for every trade. Charting platforms can offer you with a very easy to review aesthetic of thick numerical information.

Also it it vital to your success with the best Forex trading help for beginners to realise which platform offers you the best option with your trading strategy.

15. Do not Overtrade

Aspiring to find out a brand-new ability is excellent, however there is a restriction. Overtrading can lead to an absence of focus and also negligent trades. As you establish your trading strategy, established on your own an optimum quantity of professions you will certainly make each day or week.


16. Do not Be Greedy

Your trading strategy must include your optimum appropriate loss and also your target earnings. When you get to either of these restrictions, quit trading!

Greed is a big problem I see with beginner traders throughout! Learn to control your greed will send you down the path of traders success.

17. Usage Of Stop-Losses

Ideas and also techniques do not simply concentrate on basic suggestions. Not establishing a stop-loss is primarily providing you a reason to maintain a negative setting open (since you are really hoping that the circumstance enhances).

An appropriately positioned stop-loss removes the danger of losing every one of your cash on a solitary poor profession. The stop-loss is specifically advantageous when you do not have the capability to shut trades by hand.

18. Forex Strategy For Beginners


This brings me to the final part of this article with a successful Forex trading strategy with the best Forex trading help for beginners.

It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t have a successful Forex trading strategy you’re never going to become a successful trader. And not using the correct money management and being able to control your emotions you are doomed to fail in this industry.

I’m going to provide you today with a successful Forex trading strategy that you can use to start your trading in the right direction.

Plus… if you check out the rest of this website, you are going to find many Forex trading tips, trading lessons and articles to assist you with becoming a profitable trader.

The strategy I’m going to provide you with, is a simple to follow strategy that involves a basic trend line break for an entry with the trend.

Hopefully by now you have become to realise trading with the trend is the best way to profit from the markets. And reading through my best Forex trading help for beginners tips today will provide the knowledge you need to turn your trading around.

Let’s go through the steps below for this strategy.

Step #1

With using this strategy, the first part will be to identify the trend direction. The way I determine this, is using the swings in the markets to show an up trend or a down trend. To find more out on using a Forex swing trading strategy, head over to another article I wrote by clicking here.

Below are two charts demonstrating how you can see these swings on the charts.

Up Trend Forex Swing Trading Swings
Up trending market
Down trending market

Once you have identified the trend direction, the next step is simple.

Step #2

Look for a retrace against the overall trend, then mark out the trend line connecting the swing highs or lows on the retrace move. When price breaks and closes the trend line this is the entry point for a trade.

You will be using good money management skills here, with only risking a maximum of 2% per trade. The stop for each trade will be placed at the last high or low made of the retrace move before the trend line break.

Plus, your target will be aiming for the previous highs or lows depending on the trade direction. This target will always need to be at least a 2-1 or higher, giving you a better win to loss ratio on each trade.

Take a look at the following charts, to see how this strategy would look on past and current trades.

Forex trading help trend line trade
Trend line break entry chfjpy
Forex trading help trend line strategy entry

Trading with the trend is the crucial key component to this strategy. If you try to trade this counter trend you need to lower your risk size on each trade.

Step #3

Once in a trade, you will need to monitor the trade as shown on the sell trade of the AUDNZD entry above. Once price hits a first target of 1-1 risk to reward is a good time to move the trade to break even.

It’s up to you how you target your profits, but I have come to find the recent lows or highs will usually be hit more often, than aiming for larger targets. If you’re looking for a more structured way of trading, also just trading with a Naked price chart.

Then check out my latest trading courses here.

Final Words

If you’ve been struggling to make consistent profits in your trading as a beginner, then these best Forex trading help for beginners tips and Forex strategy will give you a solid starting point with your trading.

Remember, the key to your success is to control your emotions with trading. Don’t fall victim to your emotions creating losses with your trades. Emotions can cause you to over trade which in time will blow your trading account. To find success you need to also have proper money management.

As discussed, the most you want to risk per trade is 2%. Never risk more than 6% max at any one time, this will prevent you also blowing your account. Always do your own analysis before taking any trades, don’t blindly take trades based on a single trend line break.

Other considerations should be factored in before a entry. Such as any high news impact events soon to be released. Which could cause a loss on the entry you are about to take.

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