4 Of The Best Forex Trading Strategies That Work: You Need For [2021]

Best Forex Trading Strategies

Are you struggling to find the best Forex trading strategies that work, and more importantly generate profits for you in trading. If so, then you’re in the right place!

One method to assist with the best strategy, is to have a trading method that you can stick to. If it is well-reasoned and back-tested, you can be positive that you are utilising a top quality Forex trading technique.

A great deal of the time when individuals discuss Forex trading techniques, they are discussing a particular trading approach that is generally simply one element of a total trading strategy.

While a Forex trading method offers entry signals it is likewise important to think about:

Position sizing
Danger management
How to leave a trade

The best Forex trading strategies to use in Forex, are using a positioned trading style where a trader would hold trades for weeks at a time. Or using a swing trading strategy which a trader would use the Daily time frame, looking to generate profits over a few days to a week. Other key strategies, would be to day trading and scalping strategies where a trader would look to be in and out of the markets in one trading day.

Choosing The Very Best Forex Strategy For You In 2021

When it comes to clarifying what the finest and most lucrative Forex trading method is, there truly is no single response. The finest FX methods will be matched to the person.

On the other hand, a method that has actually been marked down by others might turn out to be best for you. Experimentation might be needed to find the Forex trading techniques that work.

There are a number of kinds of trading designs (included listed below) from brief time-frames to long time-frames. These designs have actually been extensively utilised along the years and still stay a popular option from the list of the very best Forex trading methods in 2021.

The very best Forex traders constantly stay familiar with the various designs and methods in their look for how to trade Forex effectively, so that they can select the ideal one, based upon the existing market conditions.

But read on to find out my pros and cons with all types of trading strategies.

As I go through in today’s article what are the Best Forex Trading Strategies that work, and you can use with your trading. With one of the most common questions I get asked “Forex trading strategies that work?”

Make sure you read this post to the end, as you don’t want to miss my free Forex swing trading strategy or how you could start creating your own Forex strategy today!

1. Forex Position trading

Lets start it of with a very know type of trading with a longer perspective:

Best Forex trading strategies with position trading

You guessed it! Position trading is a longer term trading approach to the markets. Where you can hold trades for 1-2 weeks or even a few months at a time.

The time frames you’ll trade with position trading are usually going to be the Weekly and Monthly charts. Which can very well put many traders off, with new traders being taught the idea that they should be trading in the markets every day.

As a position trader, you will mainly rely on fundamental analysis within your trading. This would include mostly major news events like NFP, GDP, Retail sales, and interest rates to give you a bias.

As well as fundamental analysis, you may also use technical analysis to better time your entries. To give you a more technical understanding of position trading, take a quick look at what Wikipedia recommends as position trading in finance.

Here comes the best part:

Lets now look at what the pros and cons are with being a position trader.

The Pros with position trading:
  • You don’t need to spend much time trading because your trades are a longer-term approach.
  • It’s much less stressful in your trading as you’re not concerned with the short-term price fluctuations.
  • It will also be a more favourable risk to reward on your trades being a larger movement (possibly 1 to 5 or more)
The Cons with position trading:
  • It will require a firm understanding of fundamentals that are driving the markets.
  • You would need a larger capital base because your stop loss is much wider on the higher time frames.
  • You may find that you don’t make a profit every year because of the low number of trades you would take.

And lastly…There’s a trading strategy which is referred to as the Trend Following strategy which is similar to position trading.

The only difference is Trend Following is purely a technical approach that doesn’t use any fundamentals. It is also one of my best Forex trading strategies that I use to trade the markets.

With using one of the best Forex trading strategies, it’s important to have a working Forex trading plan. If you don’t already have a plan in place, or you’re not sure how to create a plan. Then check out my trading article on how to create a trading plan here.

Is position trading for you?

If not then you will want to check out my favourite type of trading with swing trading.

2. Forex Swing Trading

Forex Swing Trading Swings in the market

Swing trading unlike position trading is more of a medium-term trading strategy. Where you can hold trades for a few days or even weeks. The time frames you’ll trade with swing trading are usually going to be the 4-hour or Daily.

As a swing trader, your main concern is going to be capturing a single move within the market (otherwise called a swing).

So when swing trading you’ll likely be looking to trade:

  • Buying of Support.
  • Selling of Resistance.
  • Looking to trade breakouts.
  • Looking to trade pullbacks.
  • Some traders will look to trade the bounce of a moving average.

Therefore it’s important to learn technical concepts like Support & Resistance, candlestick patterns, and moving averages.

A great place to start, to learn all of the above is to check out my basics of Forex trading page. Where you will learn everything you need to know if you’re just starting out.

Lets now look at what the pros and cons are with being a swing trader.

The Pros with swing trading:
  • You wouldn’t have to quit your full-time job to be a swing trader.
  • It’s possible to be profitable every year because you have more trading opportunities than with position trading.
The Cons with swing trading:
  • You most likely won’t be able to ride big trends using the swing trading approach.
  • One major con is the fact you would have overnight risk on some open trades.

A swing trading approach is one of my preferred types of methods to trade in the markets. Because of this, I decided to dedicate a trading lesson all on this topic. With a Forex swing trading strategy which you can check out by clicking HERE!

3. Forex Day Trading

Day trading is more of a short-term trading strategy where you’ll hold your trades for several minutes or even hours.

Best Forex trading strategies Day Trading

In a way it’s similar to swing trading but at a much “faster” pace. The time frames you’ll trade on are usually the 5 mins or 15 mins. Day trading can be like trying to navigate your way through a maze!

As a day trader, your main concern is to just capture the intra-day volatility. Usually this will only involve small moves in the intra-day. This means you must trade the most volatile session of your instrument because that’s where the money is made.

So when day trading you’ll likely be looking to trade:

  • Buying of Support.
  • Selling of Resistance.
  • Looking to trade breakouts.
  • Looking to trade pullbacks.
  • Trading the bounce of moving averages.

Therefore if you’re a day trader. You won’t be concerned with the fundamentals of the economy or the long-term trend because it’s irrelevant.

Instead, you’ll identify your bias for the day (whether to be long or short) and trade that direction for the session.

Lets now look at what the pros and cons are with being a day trader.

The Pros with day trading:
  • If you’re a well seasoned trader, you can make money on most months.
  • There wouldn’t be any overnight risk because you close your positions by the end of the day.
The Cons with day trading:
  • Day trading can be much more stressful as you’re constantly watching the markets.
  • You can lose a lot more than intended to if you suffer massive slippage.
  • Day trading can be a high opportunity cost as you could be earning a full-time income elsewhere.

4. Forex Scalping


Scalping in my opinion is the worst type of trading any new trader could start. It’s one of the more dangerous types of trading. Which can seriously eat away at your profits with the transaction costs per trade.

Plus you’re going to be much slower than the machines which will put you at a major disadvantage from the get go! Scalping is a very short-term strategy where you’ll hold trades for just a few minutes or even seconds.

As a scalper, you’re concerned with what the market is doing now and how you can take advantage of it. The main tool you’ll use to trade is order flow, which will show the volume of buyers to sellers in the market.

Lets now look at what the pros and cons are with being a scalping trader.

The Pros with scalp trading:
  • With scalp trading you are most defiantly going to have lots of trading opportunities each day.
  • If traded correctly, then there is every chance you could make a healthy income from scalp trading.
The Cons with scalp trading:
  • When scalp trading there will always be a much higher financial cost.
  • You would be stuck looking at your PC screen for many hours a day.
  • Most of all the worst con regarding scalp trading is the high level of stress you would endeavour.

The Role of Price Action Trading in Forex Strategies

At the exact same time, the finest Forex method will inevitably utilise price action. Both of these FX trading methods attempt to benefit by identifying and making use of price patterns.

If you want to learn to trade with price action but don’t know where to start, you will want to check out the eBook all about price action trading clicking here.

When it concerns price patterns, the most crucial ideas consist of ones such as support and resistance. Simply put, these terms represent the propensity of a market to recover from previous lows and highs.

  • Support is the marketplace’s propensity to increase from a formerly developed low.
  • Resistance is the marketplace’s propensity to fall from a formerly developed high.

This takes place due to the fact that market individuals tend to evaluate subsequent prices versus current low and high.

  • What takes place when the marketplace approaches current lows? In other words, purchasers will be drawn in to what they consider as inexpensive.
  • What takes place when the marketplace approaches current highs? Sellers will be brought into what they deem either too inexpensive or a great location to secure a revenue. Current highs and lows are the yardsticks by which present prices are assessed.

This occurs since market individuals expect specific price action at these points and act appropriately. As an outcome, their actions can contribute to the market acting as they had actually anticipated.

Support and resistance levels do not present ironclad guidelines, they are merely a typical repercussion of the natural behaviour of market individuals.

Trend-following systems intend to benefit from the times when support and resistance levels break down. Counter-trending designs of trading are the reverse of pattern following– they intend to offer when there’s a brand-new high, and purchase when there’s a brand-new low.

How To Draw Trend Lines Like A Pro

Trend-Following Forex Strategies

In some cases a market breaks out of a variety, moving listed below the support or above the resistance to begin a pattern. When support breaks down and a market moves to brand-new lows, purchasers start to hold off.

The pattern continues up until the selling is diminished and belief begins to go back to purchasers when it is developed that the price will not decrease even more. Trend-following methods motivate traders to purchase the marketplace once it has actually broken through resistance and offer a market as soon as they have actually failed support.

In addition, patterns can be remarkable and extended, too. Because of the magnitude of relocations included, this kind of system has the prospective to be the most effective Forex trading method.

Using a trend following strategy, is going to be right up there for one of the best Forex trading strategies. You can start generating profits in days when used correctly. If you want to learn to trade with the trend successfully, then check out this beginners trend trading course now clicking here.

Trend-following systems utilise indications to notify traders when a brand-new pattern might have started, however there’s no fool proof method to understand naturally.

Here’s fortunately: If the sign can develop a time when there’s a better opportunity that a pattern has actually started, you are tilting the chances in your favour.

The indicator that a pattern might be forming is called a breakout. A breakout is when the price relocates beyond the greatest high or the most affordable low for a defined variety of days.

When markets are unstable, patterns will tend to be more disguised and price swings will be higher. A trend-following system is the finest trading technique for Forex markets that are peaceful and trending.

A great example of a basic trend-following method is a Donchian Trend system. Donchian channels were created by futures trader Richard Donchian, and is a sign of patterns being developed.

Purchasing, if the price of a market exceeds the high of the previous 20 days. Offering, if the price goes listed below the low of the previous 20 days.


Counter-Trend Forex Strategies

Counter-trend techniques depend on the reality that a lot of breakouts do not turn into long-lasting patterns. A trader utilising such a technique looks for to get an edge from the propensity of prices to bounce off formerly developed highs and lows.

On paper, counter-trend methods can be among the very best Forex trading techniques for constructing self-confidence, since they have a high success ratio.

These Forex trade techniques rely on support and resistance levels holding. The market state that finest fits this type of technique is steady and unpredictable. It’s essential to keep in mind that the market can change states.

A steady and peaceful market may start to pattern, while staying steady, then end up being unpredictable as the pattern establishes. How the state of a market may alter doubts. You need to be trying to find proof of what the existing state is, to notify you whether it fits your trading design or not.

Finding The Very Best Forex Trading Strategies!

Lots of kinds of technical signs have actually been established throughout the years. The excellent leaps made forward with online trading innovations have actually made it a lot more available for people to build their own indications and systems.

The finest Forex trading methods for novices are the basic, reputable methods that have actually worked for a big list of effective Forex traders currently. If you want start learning the basics of supply and demand trading with starting the right way.

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Of course, numerous newbies to Forex trading will ask the concern: Can you get abundant by trading Forex?

There are no simple Forex trading techniques which are going to make you abundant over night, so do not think any incorrect headings guaranteeing you this. Trading Forex is not a ‘get abundant fast’ plan.

Through trial and mistake and the usage of a demonstration trading account, you can find out about the Forex market and yourself to discover an appropriate design. It can likewise assist you comprehend the dangers of trading prior to making the shift to a live account.

My Conclusion

Are you pumped and ready to start trading with your favourite Forex trading strategy?

Now having covered many trading strategies and each aspect with the pros and cons to each. You can easily see the best Forex trading strategies that work, to employ would of course be a longer term approach using the 4 hr to the Daily time frames.

This of course being the swing trading approach, giving you the “trader” an edge within the markets. Continuing onto my next Forex trading tip you will find out which I consider the “most successful Forex trading strategy.”

Plus by clicking the link below you can take your trading even further, with learning the 11 steps to creating your own Forex strategy. So check how to start creating your own strategy today by clicking here!

Now you have a good understanding of the different Forex trading strategies you can implement in your trading.

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