Free Forex Trading Strategy (What’s The Most Successful Forex Trading Strategy)

free Forex trading strategy

One of the most asked questions I get from traders, is what is my most successful Forex trading strategy? If you don’t have a successful strategy then you’re in the right place!

You need a few things that will give you clear path to your success.

Every strategy will have it’s strength and weaknesses, and you won’t find any two strategies alike. But in today’s article I will share with you that the most successful strategy is always going to be your own working strategy!

The best part?


the most successful Forex trading strategy for me is going to be my own strategy I use to trade the markets. More on how I actually trade the Forex markets later on. Firstly I will go through what’s important for a successful strategy.

So what are the most important strengths required. For a successful Forex trading strategy to work well within the Forex markets today.

  • A strategy that will give you a working plan for each and every trade you take. This plan ahead of time, knowing where you will take the entry. To placing your stop loss and profit targets.
  • Strategy that will give you a stress free environment while trading. Taking into account of trading psychology and trading discipline.
  • With a strategy that will give you an edge within the markets. To know ahead of time where one can expect price to bounce, turn or break through.
  • Strategy that will give you the ability to filter every trade you take. Showing the strength or weakness of a single currency. Using this information once again to give you that edge within the markets.
  • Finally a strategy that gives you the freedom to trade different time frame approaches. While having other commitments and unable to trade those silly lower time frames.

Now that I’ve covered what is involved with a successful strategy, lets quickly take a look at what Wikipedia classes a trading strategy as.

What do I personally use to trade the markets?

That’s a great question, and for me there is only one way to successfully trade the markets. This is trading Price Action, with trading candlestick analysis and the use of support and resistance with your trading.

You can find more on the way I look and trade the markets with checking out my swing trading strategy here.

Free Forex Trading Strategy

Here’s the deal:

If you’re new to trading, I suggest also to check out my Free Forex trading strategy for beginners. Giving you a starting strategy you can use to trade the markets. It’s a great place to start your Forex trading education.

So to become a more consistent and profitable trader check out today my FREE Forex trading course for beginners.

Do You Want To learn to trade naked?

Want a successful Forex trading strategy that works time and time again, then learn to trade naked?

I’m not saying for you to literally trade naked, but to learn the skills you need to trade a naked price chart!

Then you will want to check out my latest course called the NFXT Superior Price Action eBook. Here you will learn how I trade the markets naked, using my advanced swing trading approach and price action.

Learn in detail everything you get in my FREE blueprint guide on the Forex swing trading strategy and much more to become a consistent and profitable trader.

But first, what is swing trading ?

Swing trading is trading on 4-hour and daily charts, and focusing on the bigger moves of the markets. A trader that trades a swing takes advantage of huge trends and momentum, and is able to ride immense trends.

Swing trading is also much more accurate with being on the higher time frames.

The hit rates are much higher – you don’t need to cope with big amounts of noise that 5-minute and 15-minute charts have. Trading with a swing trading approach, the picture is much clearer and easier to analyse.

Not only this :

Swing trading also takes much less time! In fact, even if you have a day job you can swing trade with no problem, and can look at the charts only once a day!

This is a huge advantage of swing trading.. imagine that: making an additional or even main income from trading, looking at the charts only once a day!

This allows just about ANYONE to do swing trading.

Once You Have the Right TRAINING…
Anyone can do this!

Even if you still have a day job or just don’t want to devote 10 hours a day to trading, my NFXT Superior Trading Course will teach you how to read the markets.

Going to swing trading wasn’t natural for me.

I started, like many of you, in day trading.. here’s my story:

Ever since I heard about people making money in trading, I felt that this must be the DREAM job. Making money from anywhere in the world.. without a boss and commitments to workplace or hours. I read a LOT about trading but I lacked one thing..

…Skills and Experience!

I knew that in order to trade well I must get some trading experience.. to get the ‘feel’ for the markets.

But how was I supposed to get experience if I worked for 10 hours a day?!

I looked desperately for a way of combining my day job with trading.. and eventually I found out about swing trading. I started to focus and analysed only the 4-hour and daily charts.

And I found out that Swing trading is MUCH EASIER!

When I started trading, I used to trade on the 5-minute and 15-minutes charts when I had time (mainly in the evenings), and it was very hard.

In these time frames you must have super-precision in your entries and one tiny error or late response can turn a winning trade into a disaster.


Swing trading is nothing like this!

In fact, you have so much time to react that even if you take 30 minutes to analyse the trade.. you can still make a splendid entry and could have a very profitable trade!

If you want more freedom?

A swing trading strategy is for you, in my course you will learn exactly what you need…to be able to read, any price chart and know at a glance if there is a trade!

Trade Part Time, Trade Full Time – It’s Up to You!

The best thing about my NFXT Superior Trading Course is that it fits your lifestyle perfectly!

If you have only an hour a day to devote to trading or wish to invest and maximise your potential,
you will find that the course suits your needs and allows you to make big and consistent profits.

Trade with Minimal Monitoring Time = LESS STRESS

Day trading is a very stressful venture. To succeed in it you need to take quick action, think fast and buy or sell at a split-second.

Apart from being very hard to execute correctly this also causes high levels of stress as you risk big amounts of cash and can lose a lot of money VERY quickly.

Swing trading is nothing like this. Each trade takes from several hours to days so your stress level is highly reduced. You don’t need to take quick decisions and can take your time to analyse each trade. Your risk level is small, and the hit rate of swing trading is much higher. All this makes trading a lot easier, safer and less stressful.

Most traders who do swing trading are also more confident in their system and therefore they avoid most mistakes of novice traders that is caused by lack of confidence.

If you already see that this is a unique opportunity, don’t hesitate!

Take that next step in your Forex education, and start becoming a more profitable and disciplined trader with my NFXT Masterclass today!

Join other like minded entrepreneurs, who want to know how to succeed with Forex trading

Statistics show that only 5% of retail traders actually succeed at Forex trading.

This is why it’s so important when starting out you get the very best training. Knowledge is power, therefore as a trader you  must make sure you learn the basics first.

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