What Is Forex Price Action & How To Trade It!

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Are you new to trading the Forex markets, perhaps you have many of a time asked what is Forex price action.

And what is the best way to look to trade it?

If so, then in today’s trading lesson, I will cover exactly what Forex price action is and how you can look to trade it successfully using two of my most favourite Forex price action patterns.

But, more on those later on, first we need to discuss what Forex price action is, and why it could very well be the most important post you read to date!

In its many fundamental kind, Forex price action is exactly what its name suggests. It’s the “action” of “price”. It explains the method of a market relocations, including its patterns and essential support and resistance levels. Trading Forex with price action likewise consists of buy and offer signals.

We get a design of trading that is both reliable and basic when we integrate these signals with essential levels and momentum.

It’s the only technique I have actually utilised to trade the Forex market considering that of 2009. Prior to that I was lost in a world of unprofitable trading robotics and unneeded signs.

While a few of you may currently recognise with the contents of this post, for others it will provide a completely brand-new point of view.

Even if you recognise with price action in Forex, I motivate you to keep reading. This post will be a fantastic refresher for you and might even shed brand-new light on the subject.

I’ll cover a basic 3-step procedure to this design of trading, and likewise talk about the value of being patient while making Forex price action trading work for you.

Prepared to do this? Let’s start.

What Is the marketplace Informing You?

Trading with price action has to do with listening to the marketplace and after that responding appropriately.

The benefit of trading in this manner is that it offers you insight into where buy and sell orders lie. We utilise the upper and lower wicks of candlesticks to see these sellers and purchasers.

A whole candlestick, such as the engulfing up pattern, can likewise offer you the advantage. Once again, it’s everything about utilising the patterns on your chart to choose whether you ought to act.

You ought to keep in mind that price action can handle 2 types. It can take the type of candlestick patterns on your charts or perhaps of whole price structures like a head and shoulders pattern.

Both types of price action can be very informing. They can likewise be misguiding.

How do you go about discovering these price action signals?

Here’s an easy 3-step method:

Action 1: Draw support and resistance levels

The extremely first thing you must do after opening a brand-new chart is to draw crucial support and resistance levels.

These can consist of pattern lines, horizontal locations and even patterns such as rising and coming down channels.

I composed a whole lesson on drawing crucial levels. Make certain to evaluate it prior to trying to trade the price action we’re going over in this post.

It ends up being a waiting video game as soon as you have actually recognised the crucial locations on your chart.

Action 2: Look for price action buy and sell signals

Want to know my preferred price action signal?

The engulfing candlestick is my preferred and the pin bar pattern is a close second when it comes to candlestick patterns.

The two share more in common than you might understand. More on this later on.

The pin bar is a candlestick with a long upper or lower wick, likewise called the tail. It’s what makes this pattern so successful.


The engulfing candlestick will cover the entire previous candle, demonstrating the momentum behind the move of buyers or sellers.

Action 3: Await the day-to-day session to close

Perseverance is essential here. It’s no coincidence that this is likewise where most Forex traders mistake.

In order to trade the day-to-day timespan, you require to await the session to close.

Which session am I describing?

Not all Forex brokers use this type of chart. If you’re major about trading with Forex price action, utilising New York close charts is a must.

What Does Price Action Mean In Forex?

As I suggested above, what price action means in Forex is how the price sets up on a price chart around levels of markets structure. lets take a look at some examples of the pin bar and the engulfing candlesticks.

Below is a perfect example of how a pin bar can be formed after breaking through a valid support level and retesting as new resistance, which suggests an increase in supply.

swing trading chart

The same can be suggested when we have a pin bar forming at a support after breaking a resistance. This can be seen as a possible area of an increase in demand.

The key thing to take away here, is when trading with price action you want to see a bullish pin bar forming of a level of support. And a bearish pin bar forming of a level of resistance.

So that’s what you will want to look for when searching to trade the Pin bar pattern. What will you want to look for when trading the engulfing pattern.

Let’s take a look at exactly what it is you will be looking for to trade such a pattern.

Below is an example of a bearish engulfing pattern that forms at a key level of broken support acting as a new resistance.


The engulfing candlestick pattern is an excellent way to identify exhaustion within a current trending market. On this occasion above it shows when the trend is shifting a direction.

Below is an example of the opposite when we see price action occurring with the engulfing candlestick pattern. When price breaks a current resistance and forms the pin engulfing pattern at a new support.


Utilising Forex Price Action to Assess Momentum

I typically see traders talking about different momentum signs. These people are trying to find a method to identify turnarounds and patterns.

Well, think what?

You do not require an expensive indication to do that. Easy price action is all you require.

Those momentum indications emit a great deal of incorrect positives. To put it simply, they will signify that a market is altering instructions when it in fact has no objective of doing so.

This is where you can utilise Forex price action to assess the momentum. And similar to whatever we have actually talked about as much as this point, it’s exceptionally basic.

Now, I’m by no means stating that price action does not offer incorrect positives. No trading approach, method or design is 100% precise.

That stated, I have actually discovered it to be the most trusted method to evaluate momentum.

Here’s how I do it:

Utilising the everyday amount of time, determine the swing highs and swing lows.

You’re searching for the turning points in the market. The quantity of time in between these points can vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Perform this workout for the last 6 months approximately.

When total, you will start to see a pattern. As long as the marketplace is making higher highs and greater lows, it remains in an uptrend.

Based off this information, lets take a look below as an example where you would want to only be a buyer with the current trend.

up trend swings

It’s at these higher lows, is where you will want to be a buyer in the uptrend.

Now of course, if the market is creating lower highs and lower lows, this is desirable to look for selling positions.

It is above on the lower highs, is where you will want to be a seller.

You will often also find that these swing highs or swing lows will form what is called a trend line.

You will be able to also use trend lines to show turning points with the use of price action signals. Just as we covered previously above with the pin bar or the engulfing pattern.

With following this type of trading methodology you are allowing the price action on the charts to show you the way. You see, there is no need for any trading robotics or indicators.

Forex Price Action With Fractals

More advice I can share with you today, is the combination of price action and fractals which will allow you an advantage in the markets.

Adding fractals into play will allow the trader to see turning points on the chart with effectiveness.

Adding in Forex price action into the mix then gives you an approach that allows you to see trade signals not only with a trend aspect. But also with using what is called breakout trading.

Lets take a look at what this would look like on a chart, with adding fractals.

Using Fractals in Forex trading

From the above image, you can easily identify the fractals that show a bearish and a bullish fractal on the chart.

Now adding in price action, with using fractals you can start to identify simple structures. This will mean you can also identify simple up trending or down trending markets.

On the image below, see how using fractals and price action you could easily identify the up trend in play.

Up trending market using fractals

The same holds true when searching for down trends in the markets. See below an image showing just that with the use of fractals.

down trending market using fractals

Now you have an extra confluence with price action and support and resistance, that you can apply to simplify your trading.

What fractals will allow you to achieve is to identify the trends more visually, and allow you to then decide on the market bias.

To take the next step in your trading, I suggest adding these two together. Price action combined with fractals will give you a higher probability of success in the markets.

Of course if you have no experience with either I suggest taking a look at the “Fractal Level Trading Course” which will teach you step by step including top money management strategy how to become successful trading the Forex markets.


Have You Listened To What’s Been Said?

Now that you understand what to try to find when trading Forex price action, it’s time to go over listening approaches.

By listening, I’m describing the method you analyse the marketplace’s habits.

Trading price action efficiently has to do with responding to what takes place on the charts. You never ever wish to attempt to outmanoeuvre the marketplace by thinking what may take place.

If you do that, you have no trading edge.

It’s far much better to take a reactionary and protective position. By waiting on the marketplace to make the very first relocation, you can respond with self-confidence.

You’ll have proof that warrants action– or in a lot of cases, a seat on the sideline.

When it comes to listening to the market is an absence of persistence, one of the biggest obstacles. A lot of traders wish to trade the price action on their charts, no matter what it’s telling them.

Bad habits such as this one originate from the desire for action. Lots of traders, both brand-new and knowledgeable, discover that not doing anything provides a sense of impotence.

Do not error inactiveness for lost chance.

Those who have a hard time invest the majority of their time trading in and out of the marketplace.

The successful traders invest the majority of their time not doing anything.

Let’s Sum Everything Up

Price action has actually been around for centuries. There’s absolutely nothing brand-new about it.

There’s a factor it’s still utilised today- it simply works.

It isn’t for everybody, and it is very important that you discover a design that fits you. If you’re tired of having a hard time with untidy indications and desire an easy yet reliable method to the markets, this is it.

Trading Forex with price action enables you to see supply and need in such a way that no other trading design deals. You can see where buy and sell orders lack jumbling your charts with unneeded signs.

Among the very best methods to utilise price action originates from the everyday amount of time. It uses a special viewpoint that lower timespan can’t, especially if you’re utilising New York 5PM close charts.

If it forms at a crucial level, simply keep in mind that a Forex price action signal such as a pin bar is just reputable. This is why it’s so crucial to draw your support and resistance levels prior to scanning for signals.

Persistence is the essential to making Forex price action work for you. Constantly bear in mind that the quality of the setups you take is even more essential than the frequency.

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