Will We Have A Sell On The CADCHF Pair?

Will I have a sell on the CADCHF?

In today’s Forex trade setups I’m covering a potential setup for the week ahead. This setup will be based on using a pure price action strategy.

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what’s the real story? 

Price has now turned from an uptrend to reversing into an downtrend in this market.

This can be seen on the chart above via the circles marked. Price was making the typical higher highs and higher lows.

Until the last higher low was broken changing the bias on this pair. Marking the last new lower low in this market gives a potential reversal hot spot where there could be a reversal appear.

how can you actually use this?

A good price action signal here would indicate a possible sell with the new down trend. If you believe price will do something different, then have your say and leave a comment below. 

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