Which Way Will The GBPCHF Breakout?

Today I will look at the pair GBPCHF with a possible trade to the downside.

But first the question will be which way will the GBPCHF breakout of the tight symmetrical triangle. With price currently holding below a solid level of structure. 

I’m  looking for price to break bearish in line with holding below the resistance level, with room to the next support. There is a nice profit potential for this trade with a breakout in either direction.

Trading the symmetrical triangle there are a couple of options, with taking an entry with the breakout or waiting for the retest.

If you have not read the continuation price patterns then I suggest for you take a look now here, so you have a better understanding of the pattern.

So which way are you expecting this symmetrical triangle to break? let me know your thoughts on how you will trade this setup.

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