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How To Determine The Strongest & Weakest Currencies To Trade!

how do you determine the strength of a currency

Do you struggle to find the best pairs to trade and want to know how do you determine the strength of a currency. Understanding what makes a currency strong or weak will give you a trading edge. So if you want to start trading the strongest currencies, then you’re in the right place!

You can determine the strength of a currency with knowing what makes a currency strong or weak. The use of cross currencies to see which currency is stronger overall, which can be applied by creating a currency profile that will show the strength of the currency.

The use of moving averages can be applied to currency profiles, to show the strength or weakness of the base currency. Or the use of a currency heat map may be used to show the strongest to weakest currency.


The way you are going to profit from the markets is with exploiting the strength and weakness of a currency to another. The greater the divergence is between the two currencies the greater the profits you stand to make.

What’s the strongest to the weakest currency is going to be the name of the game, and how you can improve your trading 100%. But to know how do you determine the strength of a currency, and to trade successfully, you will need to have quality buy or sell signals.

This can be achieved when using a solid Forex trading strategy, as within a post I wrote with using a Forex swing trading system to trade with. To learn more on using a swing trading style of trading you can find more by heading over to that article by clicking here.

Without a solid strategy, you may find yourself buying into resistance and selling into support. Without a strategy or a plan in place, you will then drain your trading account faster then you can imagine!

What I’m going to cover in today’s article, to allow you to know how do you determine the strength of a currency pair;

  1. What makes a currency strong or weak?
  2. Using currency crosses to find the strength of a currency
  3. Creating currency profiles to see a currencies strength or weakness
  4. Adding the moving average to speed up your chart time
  5. Best currency strength meter tools

What Makes A Currency Strong Or Weak?

how do you determine the strength of a currency


Forex trading is complicated by it’s self, without needing to understand and know how do you determine the strength of a currency. What actually makes a currency strong or weak there are going to be many variables involved, when determining a currencies strength.

Not only will their be many country specific variables to look at, there will also be the benchmarks against the other currencies as well, which a currency can be measured against!

There are three main factors you will want to consider when you need to know how do you determine the strength of a currency;

  • Interest rates- When a currency has a high interest rate, this will in fact promote the strength of the currency. This will be with foreign investors being able to get a much higher return when investing in that country.
  • Economic policies- Tight fiscal discipline and anti-inflationary monetary policies help promote a strong currency.
  • Stability of a country- It’s going to be know that a strong government with a history of well established economic policies are the type of things that attract investment and thus promote a strong currency.

With a countries government seeking their currency to have stability, more so than perhaps strength. Is because having a strong currency will tend to then cause a countries exports to become more expensive. But the same could be said for a weak currency, which can also cause the countries exports to become more expensive.

So an ideal solution for a government is to aim to have their currency within the middle when it comes to, how do you determine the strength of a currency.

Valued Higher

A currency is also going to classified as strong when it is worth more than another country’s currency. Put another way, if the US dollar was worth half a pound, the pound would be considerably stronger than the dollar. That would then mean that the US dollar would be considerably weaker than the pound!

This then, also means that it would be easier for someone from the UK to afford to have a holiday within America. Than, what it would be for someone to have a holiday from America to stay in the UK. It also means that products from the UK are going cost dramatically more for an American to purchase, and products from America are obviously going to cost less in the UK.

Safe Havens

This brings me to the safe havens currencies, where you will find some countries have very strong currencies. At a time when the world economy is perhaps weak or politically unstable. These countries are what we call “safe havens” because, that country is viewed as economically and politically stable.

In other words, that countries currency is more likely to recover from any turmoil going on.

The bottom line?

With how do you determine the strength of a currency, a strong currency is going to be good for people who like to travel abroad, and people who like imported products, because those will be cheaper. However, it can be bad for domestic companies.

When a currency is weak, that can become really good for jobs in a country. But it’s bad for people who want to travel abroad or use imported products, with the world getting more and more global, more and more products are imported, so that affects people’s disposable income. Ideally, it’s important to maintain a suitable balance between the two.

Using Currency Crosses To Find The Strength Of A Currency

choosing the right currency

The use of currency crosses to find the strength and weakness of a currency is one of the most overlooked aspects of Forex trading. A cross currency pair is a currency that does not include the USD currency. Some of these pairs for example; EURGBP, EURNZD, GBPAUD and AUDNZD to name a few.

Using cross pairs to find which pair to trade can be used in a few ways. First, lets assume you are looking to trade the AUDUSD pair, and looking to take a long potion. You then check the NZDUSD pair and this has a similar looking setup to the long side.

The best part?

How do you find the best pair out of the two to trade, with using how do you determine the strength of a currency. This might not seem that obvious to start, but the simple solution is to look at the cross pair of AUDNZD. With determining the direction of the AUDNZD, will show you the strongest currency of the two.

Having this information at hand, will allow you to know which pair of the AUDUSD or NZDUSD to trade. So you see using cross currency to this effect will greatly assist you in know which pair is stronger out of the two to trade in the bullish position.

Don’t Forget To Plan The Trade

Even though the idea is simple to apply, when using cross pairs to determine a currency strength or weakness. You need to also bear in mind the trade setup, that you aren’t trading directly into a level of support or resistance.

You can further your Forex education with reading through another trading lesson I wrote on the difference between support and resistance by clicking here.

If you take a trade using the example as above with the AUDUSD or NZDUSD, and you see that the AUDNZD is bearish showing the NZD as a single currency is stronger. You would expect to take a buy on the NZDUSD pair expecting price to head into your desired direction.

But here’s the thing?

  • Where is resistance?
  • Was there a valid buy signal on the NZDUSD to take a trade?
  • Where is your stop loss?
  • What would negate the setup?
  • Is there any scheduled news event for the Kiwi?

If you fail to answer those questions, then where is your trading plan? Even worse, you just plainly chased the idea of the setup based solely on the cross pair. My point is, even though you can use cross pairs to know how do you determine the strength of a currency.

Taking a trade without the presence of a quality signal or a trading plan in place. You are setting yourself up to fail, in fact if you don’t know how to create your own Forex trading plan. Why not learn exactly how to make your own plan with my recent article I wrote with creating a Forex trading plan by clicking here.

Creating Currency Profiles To See A Currencies Strength Or Weakness!

Setting currency profiles


Another process of finding the strongest and weakest currency, with how do you determine the strength of a currency. Is going to be creating currency profiles within the MT4 platform.

This process is simple to do, and having profiles for each type of currency will allow you to see at a glance which currency is the strongest.

How do I create these profiles?

In MT4 platform, it is very simple to create a profile. All you need to do is create price charts for all currencies that contain the one base currency. To make this easier for you I have created a chart below to show which cross pars to bunch together.

All you need to do, is to create a chart for each of the cross pairs within the tables below and save as a currency profile. Once you have these all saved, you will then just need to click onto each profile to see each base currency across all other pairs at a glance.


Using a currency profile will speed up your chart time, with how do you determine the strength of a currency. With when you now open up the currency profile, you will look over all charts and see with a quick glance if the currency is strong, weak or neither.

To show you a example of how this would look, when using the EUR as the base currency. See the image below,



From the image above you will see the overall currency strength is bearish. With the five pairs all showing bearish price movement. One pair has bullish price movement and one pair sideways. From this information with a glance will give you an overall view on the strength of the EUR as a single currency.

Of course, there is going to be more to it then just looking at the overall price movement. With when taking a trade as I mentioned above using a solid signal for an entry. Using the profile will give you a starting point for an overall direction you would be looking to trade the EUR!

All that is needed now, is a good Forex strategy to use with the currency profiles. In fact, I have a great article I wrote recently all about how you create your own Forex strategy. To find out more how you can get started today, just click here.

Adding The Moving Average To Speed Up Your Chart Time

Trading With The Trend in a Forex trading strategy


Another great tool you can add, when looking to find how do you determine the strength of a currency. Is with using an moving average, with adding a moving average to the price chart of a pair. Will also allow you to see the overall trend of a currency pair with a quick glance.

The best part?

Therefore, reducing the chart time needed when searching for any trade setups!

Using this in conjunction with the currency profiles, will now allow you to check each profile seeing where price sits within the moving average. So if price trades above the moving average, that pair will be classed as being in a bullish trend.

Using the profile image above, if price was below the moving average you use to see the trend direction. With all cross pairs, then the EUR as a single currency would be weak. Allowing you to quickly determine the strength of the EUR.

An example of a price chart with using the 100 ema as the trend direction. When price trades below this 100 ema, then you will see the pair as in a down trend and being weak. All you then need to do is use your Forex strategy to trade this with the currency profiles.

Forex trading strategy using the 100 EMA

A perfect Forex trading strategy, is going to be a strategy that allows you to catch trades with the trend. With now using what you have learnt with how do you determine the strength of a currency.

If you are still looking for a Forex strategy, then you really need to check out my perfect Forex trading strategy using the moving average. It’s totally free and you could start making profits with it today. To go and read all about this strategy, just head over to another article I have written all about a perfect Forex strategy by clicking here.

Best Currency Strength Meter Tools



There are also ways you can automate the process with how do you determine the strength of a currency?

You will find some free tools, and some paid tools that will show a currencies strength or weaknesses. Of course, you now have the knowledge with being able to find these strengths and weaknesses yourself with using the currency profiles and cross currencies.

But, if you would rather have a tool that will automatically show this information for you. I have a great free currency heat map that I recommend, which you can access right away. This currency strength heat map indicator is provided by myfxbook and can be found by heading over to my members site by clicking here.

Wrapping Things Up

Now you know how do you determine the strength of a currency, you have a few different techniques you can use to assist you in finding the strongest or weakest currency to trade.

I covered what you need to know when it comes to what makes a currency strong or weak. With the interest rates, economic policies and the stability of a country. Using cross currencies will give you the ability to find a strength of a currency.

But don’t forget you need to plan the trade, don’t go blindly taking a entry based of cross currency information. And also look to trade with a quality signal using a solid Forex trading strategy!

I went through how using currency profiles will assist you in seeing a base currencies strength or weakness. I covered how to create these profiles and save them on the MT4 platform, so you can view them at a quick glance. Don’t forget the table chart that outlines all the currency pairs you need to use for each profile.

This will make setting the profiles up a breeze!

Adding the moving average to the price charts within your currency profiles, will allow you to see the trend direction and overall strength of a currency pair at a quick glance. Finally, you also have the option of automating the whole process for you lazy traders out their. With using the currency heat map indicator to see each currencies strength or weakness.

For more trading articles just click here.

Is Swing Trading Profitable? A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Is swing trading profitable

When it comes to learning a new trading technique, such as a swing trading strategy it can become a worry. Such as, is swing trading profitable? If this is one of your concerns, then you’re in the right place!

Swing trading is going to be profitable, in fact it is also more profitable than day trading. But, as with any style of trading, swing trading can also result in substantial losses. A swing trading success rate will be higher, making it a profitable type of trading. With less stress and more time to monitor your trades.

Plus… don’t miss your opportunity to an introduction to swing trading, and learn some swing trading strategies you can start with today!

Is Swing Trading Profitable?


At a point every type of trading will be profitable, it depends on how you approach using the type of trading. But this doesn’t answer the question is swing trading profitable?

Take my word for it, talk to any day trader, swing trader or position trader and see which one tells you they are profitable. You will most probably find nine times out of ten, they will all tell you they are profitable.

Now why is that?

Especially when it’s so obvious that the majority of traders out there lose money! The main reasons most traders lose is;

  • Poor risk management and trade management
  • Broker transaction costs
  • Too little capital to trade with
  • Lack of control with their emotions
  • High taxes on profits made

That being said…

Want to make money forex trading

You are going to find many traders out their who do in fact make money in Forex trading, day after day, month after month and year after year. But this article is about “is swing trading profitable“, some of the top earners in trading are in fact swing traders like Paul Tudor Jones.

Reasons why is swing trading profitable are;

  • Unlike Day trading, Swing trading isn’t a full time pursuit
  • Losing trades can be limited using a swing trading strategy
  • Able to plan in advance for any trade entries
  • Higher potential returns trading the market rallies in a trend

Over the years trading the Forex markets, I have tried all types of trading. From scalping the markets with day trading. A longer term approach with position trading and now swing trading.

Is swing trading profitable

So… when I say swing trading is more profitable, I am talking from experience.

Swing trading gave me the freedom to trade just the Daily time frame. This then meant I only had to check the charts once a day. Compared to having to watch the charts all day long when day trading. A bit like watching paint drying if I’m honest.

This brings me to the next question you probably now have which is, is day trading or swing trading more profitable?

Is Day Trading Or Swing Trading More Profitable?


I started, like many of you, in day trading.. here’s my story:

Ever since I heard about people making money in trading, I felt that this must be the DREAM job. Making money from anywhere in the world.. without a boss and commitments to workplace or hours. I read a LOT about trading but I lacked one thing..

…Skills and Experience!

So I knew to become a consistent and a profitable trader I needed to learn the markets, which you can learn the same steps I took in a recent article I wrote and become a profitable trader by clicking here. With how they moved and to get some experience behind my trading.

I looked desperately for a way to combine working with trying to learn and trade the markets. Eventually I found out about swing trading. Just as you now here on this trading article, I asked the same question is swing trading profitable? So I started to focus and analysed only the 4-hour and daily charts.

Day trading compared to Swing trading
Recent trade taken on the GBPUSD pair

As like the chart illustrated above, I now trade only using the 4-hour and Daily charts. And I found out that Swing trading is MUCH EASIER!


When I started trading, I used to only trade with the 5-minute and 15-minute charts as illustrated in the chart above, with the 5-minute chart. You can see how choppy this time frame can be. I would try to trade when ever I used to get time after work generally in the evenings.

This used up so much of my personal time, not to mention less time being spent with the family. The whole point of looking to live the dream as a trader was to have more time with the family not less!

In these lower time frames you must have super-precision in your entries and one tiny error or late response can turn a winning trade into a disaster. But… swing trading is completely different to this, in fact I had more time to prepare and less time at the screen checking for trades.

If you want more freedom?

A swing trading strategy is for you, not to mention it is much more profitable then day trading! Plus unlike day trading, where your stress levels are going to much greater. Swing trading is going to be much less stress! This alone makes swing trading more profitable. Why not find out how you can create your own swing trading strategy on another article I’ve written by clicking here.

Other reasons why swing trading is more profitable then day trading;

  • Risk level is much smaller in swing trading
  • Traders come more confident using swing trading
  • Trade and broker costs are much lower
  • Less risk with news announcements
  • Avoid choppiness as with smaller time frames

So there you have it, for me swing trading is by far the more profitable type of trading of the two. So this is, yet another answer to your main question of, is swing trading profitable. If you want to learn more on the different types of trading, take a look at my latest article I wrote by clicking here and see which one best fits you. Lets now take a look at what a swing trading success rate looks like.

Swing Trading Success Rate

Trading Success

Lets look back… to is day trading or swing trading more profitable. You now understand the reasons why swing trading is going to be far the more profitable of the two types of trading.

The main reason why swing trading success rate is very high, compared to lets say day trading. Is because those who are attempting to day trade the markets. Are not prepared mentally for what’s involved, and are looking for a “get rich quick” plan.

You have most probably heard of the 95% of retail traders actually fail in Forex trading. Yet the majority of these traders try to control what they lose when trading the markets. They must be doing something wrong, and they are!


This is why a swing trading success rate is going to be higher then day trading. Because day traders will allow losers to run than controlling them and their risk. Day traders might have a high win rate but still lose more than they make. Purely because they close out too early with the fear of losing out.

Emotions are a big factor with trading, where day trading the emotions will pay a large factor with the success rate. Swing trading success rate isn’t affected in the same way. This is because of there being LESS STRESS!

Another high factor with a swing trading success rate is going to be the win rate percentage. Lets look at some numbers and compare what a day trading and swing trading win rate might look like.

Compare two traders, one called Barry who is a day trader. He has a win rate of lets say 80% which is very high. He has taken 10 trades in total, with a average win of £300 on 8 trades. But because of being a day trader his emotions take control and he takes an average loss of £800 on two trades.

This leaves Barry with a £800 profit. Not too bad for a day trader!

Now lest look at our swing trader called Larry, he’s only got a swing trading success rate of 50%. Much lower than Barry’s win rate, with him only winning 5 trades out of the 10. But his average winner was £1000 per trade, and his average loser was only £500 per trade.

This means Larry made a healthy profit of £2500!

So the success rate of a trading style, doesn’t need to have a high win rate to be more profitable. This is why swing trading will give you a higher success rate, with the benefits with swing trading as highlighted earlier on in this lesson.

Average Income Of A Swing Trader?

Average Income Of A Swing Trader

To answer this question of the average income of a swing trader is really going to be down to the individual trader and their experience. Plus other reasons that effect their income are;

  • How much money they have to trade in the markets with
  • The ability or the experience of trading the markets
  • The time of day they look to swing trade, can be country based
  • The overall win to loss ratio of their taken trades
  • How often you trade and win
  • The way the trader manages their trades around high impact news

So with many circumstances that can effect a traders income, it would be hard to say for definitely how much a swing trader could potentially earn. But.. you know the answer to is swing trading profitable, it’s not a case you would not make money with swing trading.

It’s just going to be hard to say what amount you could potentially earn using it. Lets look at some figures to give you an idea, a trader using a £2000 account size compared to another trader using a £20,000 account size. The overall percentage gain for a trading year wouldn’t be any different.

But the actual amount in income of course would be greater using a larger account balance.

Lets look at what you could potentially earn from using a £20,000 starting balance. As a swing trader, you will be aiming for a 3-1 risk to reward targets. Risking only a max of 2% of your account size per trade.

Your monthly income would be as follows-

3 trades are profitable: 3 x £1200 = £3600

2 trades lose: 2 x £400 = £800

Monthly Gross Income = £2800 (attained from £3600- £800)

That’s a 14% monthly return, or 168% yearly return (uncompounded).

Obviously, depending on your broker of choice, there will be fees to pay especially if you’re using a ENC broker account. But you can see from this example, and idea of potential returns using a swing trading system to trade with.

If swing trading is a strategy you want to learn, then there is nothing better then checking out my latest article all about an introduction to swing trading.

Introduction To Swing Trading

Introduction To Swing Trading

If you’re looking for an introduction to swing trading, with now knowing the answer to this question, “is swing trading profitable?” Then this trading article will complement it perfectly.

Learn exactly what swing trading is all about?

With my ultimate guide, you can find out exactly what the swing trading basics are! What swing trading strategies you can use and which markets to trade using a swing trading system.

Also learn how you can add the use of simple moving averages, and knowing where your profit targets will be. Plus find out the pros and cons to swing trading.

Want to learn more now, then head over to my introduction to swing trading article by clicking here.

Swing Trading Strategies

Choosing the right swing trading strategies with your trading, is going to be what gives you success in trading Forex!

With swing trading, you have a few options when it comes to swing trading strategies. When swing trading you may examine the charts with a longer term approach in mind.

More known as trend traders!

Using fundamental analysis in your swing trading to make decisions in your trades. Where you can hold trades from periods such as weeks or even months at a time. This swing trading strategy is more known as position trading.

Another swing trading strategy, is targeting shorter term trends. Where you would hold these trades from a week to several weeks at a time. This type of swing trading strategy is known as swing trading and being the middle of the continuum.

Understanding how the markets move in a trending phase is crucial when being a swing trader. So lets take a look at what a down trend would look like when understanding swings within the markets.

Bearish Trend

Notice how in a downtrend, with using a swinging pattern. Price creates lower highs and lower lows. It will be using a swing trading strategy, you would look to take sell trades as prices creates the lower highs in the market.

The opposite would be true with an up trend, and when looking to buy in the market, you would be looking for any signals to get long at the higher lows. Lets take a look at the illustration below of what this would look like with price.

Up Trend Forex Swing Trading Swings
Up Trend

When putting this all together, you will then have a swing trading system you can use to pull consistent profits out of the markets. Now that you know… is swing trading profitable! Start now with getting my free swing trading guide clicking the link below;

Swing Trading Blueprint PDF Guide

Then, check out my free swing trading system, and learn a solid strategy you can use now to trade the markets.

But… If you are looking for something more powerful to trade the markets with, then you should check out my swing trading naked course clicking here.

Final Words

What you’ve learnt in today’s trading article!

With is swing trading profitable?

You now know, it indeed is going to be a profitable trading with a swing trading strategy. And that swing trading is far more profitable than using a day trading strategy.

You’ve learnt that a swing trading success rate is going to be based on each individual traders experience and skills within the markets. Mainly because day traders are looking for a get-rich-plan. Where swing traders are going to be looking for a long term endeavour and having less stress.

An average income of a swing trader will be based on many different scenarios. And there will be many circumstances that can effect a traders income. But you learnt the possibilities of making a high yearly income is indeed possible when applying a swing trading strategy.


I covered my introduction to swing trading, where you can learn the basics to swing trading and what swing trading strategies you can use. With outlining my free swing trading system you can start with in the markets today!

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A Online Forex Trading Course For Beginners [2019]

A Online Forex Trading

Have you just started trading Forex, and are looking for a online Forex trading course for beginners. But you’ve not been able to find a suitable course for your busy schedule, than you’re in the right place!

Within this article today, you will learn what a online Forex trading course for beginners should involve, learn exactly the correct steps to take to become a consistent and profitable trader. Also find out the top Forex trading secrets you need to know to succeed as a Forex trader.

What A Online Forex Trading Course Should Involve?


When it comes to finding a online Forex trading course, the first thing you will need to know is what a course should involve. Having this information will become useful in the decision making of what course is best to choose with your day to day activities.

Why does this matter?

This will matter greatly, because if you are unable to day trade the markets, taking a intra-day trading course will not benefit you at all. It would end up just being a total waste of your time, and that time and energy could have been put towards learning a course giving you a more beneficial outcome.

Introduction To Swing Trading

So, if you don’t have time to trade during the day, but could look to trade after work or at the end of the day. Then a Swing trading strategy would be more beneficial to you and your time. In fact, if you’re just starting out then my latest article I wrote on an introduction to swing trading guide will be perfect for you.

The key components for a online Forex trading course for beginners should involve-

Everything involved within a online Forex trading course for beginners, you will find on my online Forex trading educational site. You could say, the site has been designed as a online Forex trading course with extra information to turn you into a consistent and profitable trader.

The best part?

If you’re a trader who is looking for something more advance, then check out my advanced trading course by clicking here.

How A Online Forex Trading Course Will Benefit You


Unlike the traditional learning methods, (“think back to school and university“) taking a online Forex trading course will give you more freedom, with when and how you learn.


With perhaps working full time, a course taken online is going to give you the freedom to take the course anywhere and anytime you wish to learn. The majority of new Forex traders, do work a full time job, making it difficult to find the time to learn how to trade successfully.

Taking a online Forex trading course, now gives you the ability to learn a new profession from the comfort of your own home. There’s now no need to travel to learn this type of information, from seminars and other Forex trading training lessons.

Plus.. learning online, also means you get the information in your hands within minutes. Which means you can start learning from the moment you start the course.

Trading Success

What if I need extra help or support?

With most online courses, there isn’t any further help or support after you purchase or take the course. This can become a worry for many new traders looking for the right training for them.

The best part?

I don’t believe this is fair practice, when it comes to learning a new profession. And you need that extra support when needed. That’s why, with any online course you find within my site, there is always going to be on-going help and support with your training.

Can A Online Forex Trading Course Make Me Money?

Bottom line?

While it is impossible to say if you will become profitable using my online Forex trading course.  I can most definitely say without the proper training and education would be extremely unlikely. Also it will depend on the amount of work and effort you are willing to put in, which will have a massive outcome of your final results.

Is this the right training for me?

Any online trading course, will have been created to help any new novice or beginner traders, to have a starting point with their Forex education. This will also give you a starting strategy you can implement onto the Forex markets. Statistics also show that only 5% of retail traders actually succeed at Forex trading.

This is why it’s so important, when starting out you get the very best training. Knowledge is power, therefore as a trader you must make sure you learn the basics first, which you can start today by reading through my article I wrote all about the basics on Forex trading for beginners by clicking here.

What’s The Best Online Trading Course For Me?

This brings us to the most important question of all, with “what’s the best online trading course for you”.

If you’re just starting out, then learning the basics to trading is going to be essential. This is going to be learning the steps in the correct order so you have long term success. Far too many traders either fail to learn these correct steps or avoid them thinking they are just not worth learning.

But, if you are serious about becoming a full time Forex trader, then learning a online Forex trading course for beginners. With the basics is going to perfect for you.

Lucky for you:

I have a great Free online course you can start with today. In this free course you will learn all about using candlesticks with the trend. You also learn about trading and finding trends within the market. And using a term called support and resistance with your trade entries.

Plus… the same step by step process I used, which is priceless!

To find out more on how you can get started with the Free online trading course today, just click here now.

Obviously another important factor to knowing which online trading course is going to be the right choice for you. Is, on the time you have in a day to trade. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you work full time or don’t have access to check the charts during the day.

Then taking a online Forex trading course with learning to trade intra-day. Just won’t be a suitable fit with your trading, so you have to also think about the time you have in each day to trade. Before deciding on the correct course to fit your day to day activities.

End Of Day Trading Course

The best fit trading course for you, will be if you only have time to check the charts once a day. Will be an end of Day trading course, with only needing to check the charts for any trade entries on the daily close.

These types of courses will most likely entail, learning to read price action with a swing trading system style of trading. Understanding how the markets move with just using price on the chart. Will form you into a long term profitable and consistent Forex trader.

Within the site, you can find much more information with learning to trade with reading through my top viewed article, on a Forex swing trading system. Or why not start of with learning how you can create your own Forex strategy, with my latest article with 11 steps to creating your perfect Forex strategy by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a already developed and created course all based around using price action and swing trading approaches. Then checking out my latest advanced online trading course might be a perfect fit for you!

Final Thoughts

So I’ve now gone through and covered what should be involved with a online Forex trading course for beginners. Being the most important part is having an introduction understanding Forex trading.

I also went through, how a online course would benefit you with your trading. With the freedom it will give you to learn at your own pace at any time or place you wish to learn.

Another section I went through was, can you make money with a online course. As suggested, I can’t say if you would become profitable using a online course, but without any trading education it would be most unlikely.

Finally, I covered what would be the best online course for you. This falls down to really the time you have to devote to trading the markets. In my opinion even if you can trade during the day, I would look to start with only trading the Daily time frame until you become profitable.

You thought I forgot?

Forex Trading Secrets

About the top Forex trading secrets with being a profitable trader! Well, as you have read this article to the end you get to find out the top 5 secrets to your trading success. To find out what these 5 Forex trading secrets every trader should know, just click here now.

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Introduction To Swing Trading: Ultimate Guide [2019]

Introduction To Swing Trading

Are you looking for an introduction to swing trading, to learn exactly what swing trading is all about. But just don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place?

Swing trading is described as a type of fundamental position trading, where trades can be held for weeks at a time. Swing trading can also be with the shorter term trends in the market, known as a swing trader. Learning the swing trading basics, such as how to read the market dynamics. With seeing when a price chart is trending or in choppy market conditions.

Will be crucial to a swing traders success, and it will also show you which markets to trade using a swing trading system. There are many types of swing trading strategies, but find out which one is the best to use as a beginner trader. Plus… don’t miss the pros and cons at the end of this guide!

Introduction to swing trading

For you to learn Swing Trading Basics, is going to be the top trading education of your trading, that you can implement in your trading arsenal.

Perhaps you are new to Forex trading or you have been Day trading only. And you know nothing about swing trading.

The best part?

In this introduction to swing trading, you will have a much broader view of exactly what to expect with using a swing trading system.

In fact, you can pop over now and read another one of my articles all about using a Forex swing trading system by clicking here.

Swing Trading Basics

Learning the swing trading basics is the first step to understanding how the markets move in a swinging pattern. These patterns form when the markets are in fact trending.

When a market is trending price puts in higher highs and higher lows in an uptrend, and the opposite for a downtrend.  The momentum thrust in the main direction is called an impulse move. With an expected retrace in price against the overall trend would be called a corrective move.

choppy and consolidating markets

One key point to make, is that you are not trading when the markets are not in fact trending and to avoid the market chop. You can find out in more detail how to avoid these choppy markets from an article I’ve written by clicking here.

So you can see how important it is to learn the swing trading basics, before attempting to even start looking into any swing trading strategies.

How to learn swing trading?

Now you are more familiar with what swing trading is, and how to avoid choppy markets. Your next step is to learn swing trading and what benefits it can give you as a trader.


One of the top benefits using a swing trading approach, is that it typically takes only a few minutes each day to check your charts. Taking away those long hours of starring at the charts, like with a day trading approach.


Plus… with swing trading you will have more time when it comes to actually placing your trades, then if you was scalping the markets. You can read more on this subject, with the different types of trading you could potentially use on an article I wrote by clicking here.

Swing Trading Strategies

Swing trading strategies are basically a type of trading that sits in the middle of the continuum of day trading and the more known trend trading. Where a day trader will take trades and only hold these trades from seconds, to a few hours at a time, and they will never hold their trades any longer.

Best Forex trading strategies with position trading

Where, when using swing trading strategies as trend traders, you will examine the charts for a longer term approach. Using fundamental analysis in the markets to make decisions on your trades. Which can be held from weeks to even months at a time, and more known as Position Trading.

But…as a swing trader you will also target trends, with the shorter term trends in the market. Holding these trades from a week to several weeks at a time, being the middle of the continuum.

Being successful as a swing trader, will require many considerations before taking a trade. With the first key consideration being which is going to be the right market to trade.

Which markets to trade with swing trading strategy?

When it comes to trading the right markets with using a swing trading strategy approach. You will need to find a short term trending market.

An introduction to swing trading solution-

The simple solution to this, will be to observe price on the chart. Price can be in one of three market conditions, with a bull market, a bear market or a range bound market, (meaning no side is in total control.)

As a swing trader, the range bound market will be the market to stay clear off. As when the market is consolidating is going to be the times using a swing trading approach will create losing trades.Which Markets to trade?

So.. using this guide for an introduction to swing trading, you will need to first find either a bull or bear market to trade. These markets are going to be the ideal market conditions to start looking for swing trade setups.

After a momentum move in the direction of the controlling market side, as you learnt above. Will be the time to look for the retracement back to the ideal location to find a valid swing trading entry.

Spotting these types of setups to take swing trades will come with experience. The number one factor I see many beginner traders make is letting their emotions controlling their decisions in the market. Mainly this can come from over trading. Risks involved with swing trading are not going to be so volatile as day trading.

But… without the correct money management and a solid working plan in place you can soon blow your trading account.

If you struggle with your emotions in trading, then check out one of my latest articles I wrote all about how to control emotions with your trading by clicking here.

This brings me to perhaps the next question you might ask, which is swing trading profitable?

Is Swing Trading Profitable?

Catch big profits with reversal price patterns


Just as any type of trading, it is only going to be as profitable as the trading education you receive on the subject. To a degree, swing trading is going to more profitable than day trading. Purely, from the fact of the consistency of swing trading compared to day trading and scalping the markets.

To a degree, using a swing trading strategy to trade with, will generate you more long term profits. Making this type of trading more desirable to traders who perhaps have a full time job.

Another large factor with, is swing trading profitable will be the risk management used with your trading. To make sure you fully understand the use of controlled risk in your trading. You should check out this trading article I wrote all about using correct risk management, plus a free risk calculator to use in your trading.

Other ways to make swing trading more profitable, can be to add an aided edge to assist with finding and trading the swings. One way to do this, is to add the use of moving averages.

The Use Of Moving Averages With Swing Trading

Some traders may find it beneficial with the use of moving averages with swing trading. These can comprise of the exponential moving average  (EMA) or the Simple moving average (SMA) which can be found in further detail at Wikipedia.

Using moving averages

There are many ways a trader could use the moving average to assist with trading, when using a swing trading system, which you can read more on another article I wrote by clicking here.The Moving Average Forex Trading Strategy Guide

Why does this matter?

With this guide on an introduction to swing trading, I will now share with you some ideas with how you could use moving averages in your trading. One of the typical known methods of using the moving average, normally using the EMA as a cross over strategy.

This would evolve a trader to plot two EMA’s onto the chart and wait for the lines to cross over for an entry and an exit with the next swing.

For an example:

Using a 5 and 10 ema, once the 5 crossed from below to the upside of the 10 ema this would show a bull market is about to continue. With the opposite showing a bear market. A trader may use this crossover to time their entry and of course their exit on the swing.

The best part?

In another trading lesson I share with you…

How I use moving averages to create winning trades after winning trades. Unlike the typical EMA cross over signal (which can create many losses in a choppy market)

This method of applying moving averages when you learn swing trading, is going to give you the trader a visual guide of what is called dynamic support and resistance.

To get the moving average Forex trading strategy guide [2019] that I wrote recently just click here.

Profit targets with swing trading

An introduction to swing trading with your profit targets. When looking for the ideal location to close out for a profit when using a Forex swing trading system.

A trader will look to target a measured objective, this move is usually applied to a channel that is used in the direction of the dominate trend.

For an example;

If in a bullish market, a trader will have drawn a bullish ascending channel on their charts. To read more on basic trading patterns in the market check out another trading article I recently wrote all about basics of Forex trading by clicking here.

The measured objective target for the swing trade will be at the top of the ascending channel. Plus… the use of Fibonacci extension levels will add further accuracy to the targets. Other factors may need to be taken into account for the actual profit target, depending on the strength of the trend that is in play.

Why does this matter?

If the market trend is not as strong, then the objected target may not then be used. Instead targeting previous price highs or lows in the market may create a higher percentage chance of being achieved.

To understand the use of an measured objective you can learn more on another trading lesson I recently wrote all about Forex market trading mistakes. That can cause you to lose profits, plus with my fixes to the problem by clicking here.

Pros and cons to a simple swing trading strategy

Lets now examine the pros and cons with using a simple swing trading strategy.

Pros to a simple swing trading strategy
  1. The Forex markets will never go in the same direction all the time, with using what you learnt with swing trading basics. This allows you to take advantage of this. Therefore increasing the potential returns by being able to trade the rallies and if you wish the pullbacks.
  2. Unlike a Day trading strategy, a simple swing trading strategy is not a full-time pursuit. Where, day trading you must be on top of all your trades every minute. In swing trading you get to relax a little more as you’ve set your trade to run over the course of several days, or even weeks.  Allowing you to swing trade while carrying on with a full-time job.
  3. Losing trades can be limited, when using the appropriate technical signals, allowing you to know when a trade isn’t working more quickly and limiting the losses.
  4. You’re able to plan the trade beforehand, unlike day trading when each trade taken is on a whim than having the time to do technical analysis as with a swing trading system.
Cons to a simple swing trading strategy
  1. Volatile markets are not necessarily the best conditions in which to practise a simple swing trading strategy. Because if you get the signals wrong, all previous profit can be wiped out in a matter of seconds
  2. Similarly, you can’t always trust your instinct following the trends. While markets often display lengthy periods of range bound markets, picking the incorrect entry points can also lead to unnecessary losses.
  3. Understanding technical analysis is of utter importance, without the proper use of technical analysis it can lead once again to unnecessary losses. Just trading with the use of fractals isn’t enough, you will need to know how the markets move with the use of market structure, and that means study.
  4. It can be stressful when you learn swing trading, perhaps not as nervy as day trading, but you’ve still got to have a cool and confident mindset that’s not prone to being side tracked easily.

Final Words

Now you’ve gone through the introduction to swing trading, you will know what’s involved to being a successful trader. Knowing which markets are the best ones to using swing trading basics, and understanding that you need to keep your emotions in tack to succeed.

Adding the moving averages to a swing trading system, can very well improve your win ratio compared to just trading with the swings. The perfect moving average strategy can be found on another article clicking here.

The final key to success with swing trading, is knowing where to set your profit targets. Best way for you to learn this approach is by checking out another trading lesson on a simple swing trading strategy clicking here.

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How To Make Money Forex Trading Online Today!

Make Money Trading Forex

Do you have a trading strategy that you can use to make money Forex trading online? But… don’t have the funds to trade live. If so, then you’re in the right place!

Make money Forex trading online using a fully funded trading account, provided by a reputable private investor company. You can now make money Forex trading online by demonstrating your trading skills and get to keep 80% of the profits you make!  

Think there’s a catch and this just isn’t true?

I’m here to show you it’s totally possible, if you can prove you have a winning strategy then you too can get a fully funded account and keep 80% of profits you make!

How to make money Forex trading online?

When it comes to trading the markets, most new traders can come emotionally caught up with making money.

Than rather focusing on the correct steps to becoming a consistent and profitable trader. Which in due course, 95% of retail traders will either end up losing their entire account.

Or they just quit and decide trading is just too hard, or the brokers are against them and its all a fix.

My point is, for you to really succeed and how to make money Forex trading online, you have to look at it just as you would a business endeavour.Want to make money Forex trading

To understand more on how you can control your emotions with trading check out another great trading article I’ve recently written;

“Want To Make Money Forex Trading? Learn To Control Emotions First” 

How do I get a fully funded account?

I’m sure you’re biting at the bit to find out exactly how you can get a fully funded account to trade with.

I mean…

It’s why you are here, isn’t it?

For years, retail traders have only had the option to trade with small accounts, therefore only being able to make small profits each year or month.

Now that’s all about to change, now you have the chance to trade with a $200k, $300k or even a $500k funded account.

Think for a moment… how this could dramatically change your life!

How does it work?

There are three steps to get a fully funded account.

Step #1

Prove you can profit from the markets and demonstrate that you have a winning strategy.

Step #2

Show you can manage your risk, establish consistency with your trading to prove their capital is safe in your hands.

Step #3

Finally make real money! You get to keep the first $5,000 in profits and 80% after that!


If you think you’re ready, and have a profitable strategy and you can prove you can make money trading Forex.

Then click here right now  and go to our partner site to see if you have what it takes to get a fully funded account!

If you’re like me, and prefer watching videos than reading text. Then you are most defiantly going to want to check out this video on exactly whats involved.

Need A Working Strategy First?

If you’re like the majority of new traders, perhaps you don’t actually have a profitable strategy that works.

And…The Moving Average Forex Trading Strategy Guide

To develop a strategy will take time and constant development on your behalf. Lucky for you, I have the perfect trading lesson.

To find out more on the free moving average Forex trading strategy article I recently wrote by clicking here now.

Full Trading Course: How To Make Money Forex Trading Online

If you’re just starting out, and not sure where to really start. Perhaps it will benefit you more to go through a fully developed course on understanding how the markets move.

For most new traders, having that extra helping hand to teach them the correct steps to becoming a profitable trader can save them weeks if not years of heartache and frustration. If you feel this could be a good fit for yourself and your learning curve to becoming a profitable trader.

Then I suggest checking out the NFXT Superior trading course today, which you can find more information on by heading over to my course page by clicking here now.

Final Words

You now have the chance to make money trading Forex, using a fully funded trading account. All you need to do is prove you have a winning strategy.


You can manage risk with each and every trade you take.

In need of a working strategy, or need real education on reading price on the chart. Then you are going to want to check out the NFXT Superior trading course today.

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4 Forex Trading Tools: That Will Turn Your Trading Around!

Forex Trading Tools

Do you have the right Forex trading tools in your arsenal, if not you may find you’re struggling with your trading. If you are, then you’re in the right place!

The best Forex trading tools to use are going to be a risk management trading tool, to control your risk when trading. The use of a traders sentiment indicator, to show positions of other traders. Using an economic calendar to keep track of all upcoming high impact news, and of course a profitable Forex trading strategy.

Lets get started…

Forex Trading Tools #1

The key to your success in trading will be controlling your risk management. Not having the correct risk management in your trading, is the top reason many new traders fail or just give up!

Many new traders don’t understand the importance of controlling your risk when trading the markets.

The best part?

You will now learn the correct path you need to take with your trading when it comes to risk management. There are many ways you could approach this method, but the easiest one will be to automate everything for you.

So, the first Forex trading tools I will share with you today in this article, will be covering how you can in fact automate the calculation of your risk each time you look to take a trade.

I’m going to share with you two options for you to perform this task. Forex trading tools calculator

The first option, will be for you to simply click the link here to my free online position size calculator.

Where you can simply input the required details for your trade setup and be given the lot size to trade with. To demonstrate this in further detail I recorded a quick video below to show you how to use this calculator.

 Forex trading tools paid risk management software

The second risk management tool you can use to automate the process even more, is to use an on chart risk management  software.

This software is the Fastest Way to calculate lot sizes and to open a trade directly on your MT4 platform.

This tool is a Position Size Calculator and a MT4 Trade Panel that helps you to trade easily from the chart.

The best part?

From which you can open trades 10 times faster in one click. Because it will calculate your risk and lot size automatically based on your preset stop loss, take profit and money management settings.

To find out more on this amazing tool, that will greatly improve and speed up your trading skills.

Just click here to be taken to the creator of the on chart Forex position size calculator.

Forex Trading Tools #2

The use of an economic calendar, to always be aware of high impact news events. The next Forex trading tools I use with my trading that is another hot topic when it comes to being successful.

Forex news calendar

Is, always knowing in advance of any high impact news events that could cause you to have losing trades.

New traders fail…

Many new traders fail to understand the importance of knowing ahead of time any high impact news that will greatly effect the outcome of their trades.

Types of news that can dramatically change the out come of a trade is news such as:

  • Non Farm Payroll (NFP)
  • Bank Interest rates
  • GDP
  • Retail Sales
  • Employment and Unemployment figures
  • FOMC Statement
  • Government Speeches

So it is very important to always keep an eye on the current news. One of the most know sites for this is Forex Factory which gives you all types of news you need to know for the up coming week.

To greatly improve your success in trading, I highly suggest you keep a close eye on any high impact news that might effect any open or new trades you are looking to take.

Forex Trading Tools #3

Knowing where everyone else is trading can dramatically improve your results!

What do I mean?

Do you think it would benefit you as a trader to know where other traders are looking to trade or actually trading.

Well, in this next Forex trading tools tip I’m going to cover a couple of tools you can use to find out this information. As usual there is one tool you can use, totally for Free.

Plus… a second option that will greatly improve your results, which you can purchase at a extremely low price and worth every penny.

The tool I am referring to is trader sentiment!

Trader sentiment will basically show you how many traders are long or short a currency pair.

On the paid version which you can read more about further below. This will also show you a percentage volume as well as shorts and longs currently placed by other traders.

But first, the free option that you can use right now, that will show you the traders sentiment to aid you with your trading direction bias. This is provided by Myfxbook and is called the traders sentiment. You can go and take a look now by clicking here.

The best part?
Forex Market Sentiment

The Forex sentiment indicator that is installed directly onto your MT4 platform. So you get all this information instantly in front of you each time you take a live trade.

This will dramatically improve your win rate and turn you into a more profitable and consistent trader.

You can find extreme locations on the chart using the aid of the on chart Forex sentiment indicator.

The Forex Sentiment Indicator will show you the amount of traders who are long or short and the amount of trading volume in these positions.

You get the Forex Sentiment Indicator with detailed instruction manual including step by step setup instructions.

Within 5 minutes you will be able to see the real time live account trading positions and volume from thousands of traders around the world from a display on your MetaTrader 4 charts.

You also get unlimited license numbers for all of your trading accounts and also free lifetime updates and support.

All of this at a great one of price, which you can find clicking here

Forex Market Sentiment

Forex Trading Tools #4

A working Forex trading strategy, that generates winning trades time and time again.

Forex trading strategy that works

Now, it goes without saying without an actual working trading strategy. All of the above Forex trading tools become useless.

Where do I start?

That’s a good question, with the unlimited supply of trading strategies available to trade. What is going to be the best strategy to use to trade the markets.

Just as the trading tools above, I have two options to share with you today. One totally free strategy you can start to trade with right now. Plus… I paid for option to take your trading education and skills to the next level.

Lets start off with the free strategy you can check out right now, and start making winning trades today!free Forex trading system

In the free strategy you will learn all about using candlesticks and the power of the trend. Plus the same step by step process I used myself.

Ready to get started then click here to get the free strategy.

Full Trading Course

If you’re struggling to be profitable and consistent with the strategy you use. Then perhaps it’s time to change the way you trade. Looking for a new style of trading or just starting out, then perhaps trading with raw price on a naked chart is a perfect strategy for you. With trading with a naked chart, it will give you more freedom.

Most traders you adopt a raw price strategy with a swing trading system. Find they are more confident in their system and therefore avoid most mistakes of novice traders that is caused by lack of confidence. If this type of trading interests you, then to find out more on the site click here.

Final Words

To recap what you have learnt in today’s article…

The 4 Forex trading tools you need to become a successful and disciplined trader are;

  • Risk Management Tool
  • Economic News Calendar
  • Traders Sentiment Tool
  • Fully Working Trading Strategy

Once you have all of these tools at your disposal you are going to be well on your way to becoming a successful trader.

To find more trading articles that will help you on your path to trading success click here now.