The NFXT Superior Price Action eBook

Level up your game, from beginner to advanced trader with the 108-paged eBook. In just a few minutes, you can be implementing the strategies it took me years to master.

If you’ve looked on and seen other Forex traders make hundreds of pips from the Forex markets. With greater accuracy than what you can do, or seen yourself missing trade after trade, this is the eBook for you.

Getting to the advanced stage of Forex trading isn’t that hard, but it’ll likely take you many years if you just keep trying to make it on your own, HOPING you’ll improve!

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  • Stop Wasting Money- You don’t need charts full of indicators. I’ll show you the strategies you actually need, so you can confidently read the charts and make winning trades over and over again.
  • Stop Losing Trades Over & Over Again- If your current strategies are producing losing trades over and over again, then you need to make a change.
  • Stop Making Beginner Mistakes- Forex trading is a rule based business, if you regularly follow everyone else with losing trades, then learn how to do it right.
  • Dramatically Increase Winning Trades- Beginners are amazed when they see advanced traders generate high profits. I can get your trades profitable if you’ll learn the right techniques, and how to read price action.
  • Get The Trading Strategy That Minimises Losses- Beginner Forex traders focus so much on winning that they don’t realise they are losing more on missed price action opportunities. The eBook contains over 15 live trade videos to help.
  • Maximise Your Learning To Get Fast Results- It’s easy for struggling “beginner traders” to just turn into losing traders just trading and HOPING you’ll improve. I’ll help you improve FAST smart techniques and skills.

Stop Losing Trades Over & Over Again


  • 108 PAGES
  • 9 VIDEOS


I purchased this book and feel it’s a good book overall for a beginner. Has great tips and help for a beginner like myself. I recommend it!.”


“I’m a beginner trader, but I really want to learn more advance techniques.  I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos and nothing seemed to help.  Really excited to work on the techniques in the book!.”


There are so many things to learn in Forex trading that it’s easy to miss the fundamentals.
Beginners make two mistakes that stop them: (1) They look at what they can make more than what they can lose (2) They read the story of the charts wrong which keeps them from trading success.