Do You Need A Reliable & Trust Worthy Forex Broker?

I find so many traders struggle to find a trust worthy Forex broker for their trading. Do you have a reliable broker? If not, then you’re in the right place!


My best Forex broker, and is an reliable and trust worthy Forex broker which provides-

  • Australian ASIC Regulated Broker
  • 25% Bonus offer
  • New York Close Candles
  • Extra Low Spreads

Use the open an account button below now to have peace of mind, being with a Australian ASIC Regulated Broker.

Why should you join this broker today over any other?

With starting out in Forex trading, you need to make an informed decision with finding the right Forex broker. A broker who you can trust to do the right thing with your money.

No doubt your’e emails are bombarded with brokers offering you the best of everything. With enticing you in with something new to offer you, with their high marketing money offers.

Unfortunately the Forex industry is full of sharks who will tell you anything and everything to get your money in. So here at Norfolk FX Trader I’m going to share with you some points on why you should choose the broker listed above.

Regulated Forex Broker- Protection For You!

I may be able to recommend to you that the best Forex broker above is a trust worthy broker and will do the right thing by you. Though what you really need is a broker that is regulated and by a trusted country.

When it comes to the financial regulation, this will be your last line of defence when it comes to your money. Giving you a positive feeling that the broker won’t be doing anything shady or dishonest with your trading account.

the best part?

IFGM are one of the few brokers that are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL nr 426359).

Solid Choice of Trading Platform

IFGM being my best Forex broker of choice, also comes down to the use of their trading platforms. As we suggest in the Best Forex trading platform Forex trading tips, which you can read about here. MetaQuotes Meta Trader 4 is the preferred platform of choice.

As well as offering this, they also offer their IFGM WebTrader online based platform. This will give you the ease and freedom of accessing your trading account on any online web browser.

IFGM are also well known for their spreads being the tightest within the industry. Plus with having the quickest execution speed and customer services in the industry makes them an ideal choice for any new Forex trader.

Click the open an account button below to get the best spreads in the industry today.

Personal Account Manager- Instant Help

Have you been with a broker in the past, had to ring to speak to someone regarding your account. To just get put through to some random support person, not getting the help or support you deserve.

here’s the deal:

Sign up to the best Forex broker listed here and get your very own personal account manager. Any questions or queries with regarding your account, now you will have a personal number of your account manager to have that friendly support on hand.

New York Close Candles- Perfect For Price Action Traders

If your broker has weird offset time zone price feeds, which makes your price candles look different to everyone else. Then you need to change brokers to get New York Close candles.

The New York price feed is now becoming the standard used within the Forex industry. With that said there are still many brokers not using this price feed. IFGM uses this correct price feed with making their candles having a closing time of each day at 5pm New York local time.

why does this matter?

This is important with having access to a New York close price feed, because it gives you an accurate representation of a TRUE Forex session. If you are using a end of day price action strategy you will need this price feed.

Stop wasting time with those shady brokers and join a trust worthy broker today.

  • Australian ASIC Regulated Broker
  • 25% Bonus offer
  • New York Close Candles
  • Extra Low Spreads

Use the open an account button below now to have peace of mind, being with a Australian ASIC Regulated Broker.

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